1. Make it Smell Nice

How your home smells is a large part of a buyers’ first impression. Open the windows and air out your home a bit before showings. Take out the trash and do the dishes. Be aware of what you cook the day before and day of showings. Food smells can linger in a home for a couple of days. Use candles and air fresheners sparingly – you don’t want it to be overbearing. It is best to try and choose a more neutral and natural scent.

2. Leave the Home

It can be tempting to stay home during a showing to see what the buyer is like and show of your beautiful home but it is best if you’re not there. Buyers will be much more comfortable in your home if it is just them and their agent. They will feel less rushed and more freedom to share what they really think. You want the buyer to feel at ease in your home and comfortable to process what they’re seeing.

3. Stow Valuables

While we want to believe the best of everyone, people aren’t always trustworthy. It is best to stow or hide any valuables or personal things you don’t want people seeing.

4. Stage the Table

A simple way to make a great first impression in your home is to set your dining table. Put out a nice tablecloth and cloth napkins and buy some fresh flowers for your centerpiece. This simple step will help make your home stick out from the rest.

5. Make it Bright

It is best to let in as much natural light as possible. A bright room will naturally feel cleaner and more inviting to buyers. For spaces where natural light isn’t sufficient it is best to leave the lamp or overhead lights on. A warm lamp will help a space feel cozy and comfortable. Sometimes light switches can be in strange places. For basements and walk in closets it’s best to leave these lights on so the buyer doesn’t have to struggle finding them.